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Dr. Frank Donnelly
220 Teague Dr.
San Dimas, CA  91773
951-532-1203 (CELL)
909-592-1928 (OFFICE)

Dr. D's Oltime Aerobatics Home

Dr. D recreates the sights and sounds of yesteryear's aerobatics in his 1946
clipped-wing Taylorcraft! Filled with graceful maneuvers, Dr. D's performance features deadstick aerobatics and landing. Also available: A unique strobe light show that lights up the night!

Latest News


2016 started off in as the last years have with the Cable Air Show. The weather looked a little threatening but turned out to be good. I always enjoy the Cable Show as it is my "Home Town Show". The year is shaping up nicely as far as air shows go with probably eight ten shows. I am looking forward to it. My next show is Riverside CA Air Show. Always a fun Show to fly.

Start of a New Air Show Season

Here we are in January of 2015 and I have flown my first air show of the season already. The Cable Air Show is always the first show of the year in the U. S. Usually the weather is great, clear skies, temps. in the sixties, snow on the mountains in the background. But not this year, clouds and rain. On Saturday we flew in light rain and in spite of the rain a large audience came and stayed for the day. Sunday was another story, a complete rain out. Well one day is better than none. Now a little time off before my next show which is the Riverside Air Show on March 28. Always a fun show. If you are there be sure to come by and say hi. Until next time, stay safe.

2015 Is Looking to be a Very Good Year

Almost Christmas and the house is decorated. Always a nice time of the year. I just returned from the International Council of Air Shows Convention. It is always nice to see many of the air show performers and organizers one has worked with over the past years. I am going into the 2015 air show season with seven good shows already booked and more coming. The shows will be listed on this site very soon. I am looking forward to 2015 and am hoping you are too. Wishing you a very happy and healthy Holiday season and New Year.

End or 2014 Looking Forward to 2015

The 2014 season ended well with the Camrillo, Santa Rosa, and Watsonville Show topping the season. Overall 2013 was very good to me. All the shows went very well. I had more complements than ever. It seems people really like how my performance contrasts with the high energy acts. Lots of people say those acts all look the same while mine is very different and easy to watch. They especially like the dead stick aerobatics and landing. Of course there is room for all types of acts. If they were all like mine they would soon get tired to that too. What makes for a good air show is variety.