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Dr. Frank Donnelly
220 Teague Dr.
San Dimas, CA  91773
951-532-1203 (CELL)
909-592-1928 (OFFICE)

Dr. D's Oltime Aerobatics Home

Dr. D recreates the sights and sounds of yesteryear's aerobatics in his 1946
clipped-wing Taylorcraft! Filled with graceful maneuvers, Dr. D's performance features deadstick aerobatics and landing. Also available: A unique strobe light show that lights up the night!

Latest News


It has been awhile since I have added to this page. It has been a good Spring and Summer for me. The Hollister Air Show and the Golden west Fly-in/Air Show went really well. In July it was off to Washington State for the Arlington fly in/Air Show.It was nice for a Southern California person to spend some time in in the Northwest, green and cool. I always like Arlington as I get a chance to fly my night show. Flying an air show at night is different and fun for both me and the audience. Then I spent a bit more time in the San Juan Islands with my wife Geri to finish off the trip. Right now I am getting ready to perform at the Camarillo CA Air Show and am looking forward to it. Next month it is the Wings Over Wine Country Air Show in Santa Rosa CA, and in October the Watsonville CA Air Show.

With the Good Comes the Bad

The New Year is here and it started off as a good year for me. Cable Air Show in January went very well, great weather and great crowd. February and March were quiet, a time for practice and working on the planes. April started off with the riverside Air Show which went very well as always. This month (May) is practice and fun flying time. June starts with the Golden West Air Show at Marysville CA on June 6-7. The next weekend, June 14-15 Is the Hollister Air Show. Both are always really good shows. However this year there will be a sad spot at these shows as the wonderful person and great pilot Eddie Andrenini will not be performing with us. He was taken from us in a accident at the Travis AFB Air Show on May 4. We in the air show industry and his many fans and friends will sorely miss him.


The late 2013 shows started off nicely with the Watsonville Show being fun with great weather and a large crowd enjoying the Show. After that things went down hill a bit. I was scheduled th fly the Livermore and Apple Valley Air Shows, but the FAA did not sign the Aerobatic Wavers before the Government shut down. Consequently both places could not have aerobatics. They ran the Show days as Air Fairs with fly bys and static displays. For performers, no aerobatics, only fly bys with smoke. The audiences seemed to understand and appeared to have a fairly good time in spite of the goverment mess. On a better note the ICAS Convention is in December where many of the air show people get together to learn, book shows, and have fun. 2014 starts with me performing at the Cable Air Show on January 11, 12. Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Great New year.

Summer Rolls On

The Arlington WA Show went really. I did day shows, and my night show. Night Shows are special and audiences seem to really like them. On August 31, September 1 I will be performing performing at the Watsonville CA Fly In & Air Show. Always a fun Show and worth going to as it is much more than an air Show. After Watsonville I have Two more air shows scheduled. Livermore CA on October 5 and Apple Valley CA on October 12. If you are at any of the shows please stop by and say hi.